Relaxing Lavender Cozy Turtle by cloud b

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relaxing -lavender cozy cloud b turtle.jpg

Relaxing Lavender Cozy Turtle by cloud b


Promotes Relaxation

When it's time to wind down from a playful day with Cozies, use the calming scent of Lavender tucked inside the plush to transition from playtime to sleep time. Research has shown that the scent of Lavender promotes relaxation and aids in restful sleep, making Cozies the perfect addition to your calming bedtime routine! Combined with the warmth of the heat pack, Cozies will comfort children when it's time for bed and even during those restless nights. Cloud b Cozies are soothing friends for the entire family.

Removable, child-friendly heat pack

  • Soothing warmth helps comfort children and relieve aches and pains

  • Gentle Lavender scent is proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality

  • Eases bedtime anxiety in unfamiliar environments

  • Can be machine washed when heat pack is removed

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