Dazzle Delta Kite by Gomberg


Dazzle Delta Kite by Gomberg

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The Dazzle Delta is 9 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall. That's over 20 square feet of flying fun! And what a great price on a big kite!

Deltas soar on even the lightest breezes. The tough nylon fabric will stay bright for years and the tough fiberglass frame is practically indestructible. 

Dazzle comes in two cool color choices - Rainbow orJazz. We've included two permanent nylon tails at no extra charge. And there is a third connection point to add an additional tail.

To assemble, just insert the cross-spreader, and remember to push the outside spars down to the bottom of the sail. The center spine is held in place with a simple Velcro tensioner.

  • 9' x 4.5'
  • Wind Range 4-15 mph
  • Suggested Line: #100-200
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Line not included with this kite.
We recommend 100-200 pound test line. Try one of these: