Marconi by G-Kites


Marconi by G-Kites


The Marconi will dance at the end of your string with so little pull, you'll have to check to make sure it is still there! 

Kite historians know that Marconi invented the radio before anyone made radio towers. So he used a kite to lift an antenna for the first Trans-Atlantic broadcast. But Marconi's kite looked nothing like this! 

Our futuristic flying design measures four feet wide and tall. It is constructed with tough ripstop fabric and a carbon frame. Fly with a matching Transition Tail, or feed it line like a fighter. The built-in stabilizing keel will keep your Marconi from spinning, but you can still maneuver it nicely. 

4' x 4'

Ripstop Nylon Sail

Carbon Frame

Fabric Bag

 Wind Range5-20 mph

Suggested Line #50-100

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Special Features:

  • Reinforced Bridles

  • Sliding Tensioners

  • Extended Keel

Line is not included with this kite. We recommend 50-100 pound test line: