Rokkaku Kite by G-Kites


Rokkaku Kite by G-Kites

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The hexagonal Rokkaku kite was originally developed for traditional kite fighting in Japan. Large paper and bamboo kites flown by teams would tangle, tip, or crash together and the last kite in the sky was the winner. classic fighting kite of Japan

  • stable
  • fun flying, lifting, or fighting
  • adjustable bow lines allow tuning for different winds
  • 5.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide
  • ripstop nylon sail
  • fiberglass frame
  • fabric bag
  • excellent for intermediate or advanced fliers
  • will also hold tube tails or line art
  • wind range 4-20 mph
  • suggested line #100-200

Special features

  • reinforced bridle
  • O-Ring assembly
  • velcro tensioners
  • line slider
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The Rokkaku comes complete with Gomberg's exclusive Tuning and Fighting Guide. We use the four-bridle-point configuration for ease of tuning. The O-Ring spar system makes assembly quick and easy. The velcro tensioner ensures no spars are vulnerable during a competition. 

Line not included with this kite. We recommend these 100-200 pound test lines: