Roto Box Kite by G-Kites


Roto Box Kite by G-Kites

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It not only flies - it rotates in the air too!

In a smooth wind, this spinning box kite will rotate slowly in a mesmerizing whirl of color.

  • 3.5 ft x 1.5 ft
  • quality materials so the kite won't fade, will take a bounce, and will give you years of kite flying fun
  • ripstop nylon sail
  • fiberglass frame
  • fabric bag
  • wind range 5-20 mph
  • suggested line #50-100


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Assembly is easy. Just connect the spreader rods to the spin fittings on the center spine and the other ends into the wing tip pockets. There are a total of 12 spreaders (six top and six bottom.) Attach your flying line to the loop at the top of the kite. Then turn the RotoBox loose into the wind.

Line not included with this kite.
We recommend 50 - 100 pound test line. Try one of these: