Skylark Kite by Gomberg

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Skylark Kite by Gomberg

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Soar with this sophisticated, stylized bird design. If you are looking for fun, Skylark will take you there.

Skylark is easy to assemble and easy to fly. It is an exciting and distinctive, introductory-level kite with long tails that not only decorate the sky, but add stability as well. 

  • Easy to Assemble and Fly
  • Flexible and Durable Fiberglass Framing
  • 5 Feet Tall and 8 Feet Wide
  • Long-lasting Ripstop Polyester Sailcloth
  • 12 Foot Tails Included
  • Wind Range 5-20mph
  • Suggested Line: #50-100

To assemble, connect the wing rods into the plastic fitting on the center spine. Then insert the small stand-offs at the wing-tips. At the base of the kite, slip the flexible spreader between the spine and the fabric. Insert one end into a fabric pocket. Then carefully bend the spar and insert the other end into the pocket on the opposite side. 

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Line is not included with this kite. We recommend 50-100 pound test line: