Marching through winter

Have you ever been to Mackinac Island in the winter? I’m one of the 452 people who live here year round.

I love where I live, especially in the winter. One of the greatest things about living here in the winter is the transformation that happens from tourist destination to small town. Our population shrinks quickly. Shops, restaurants, hotels and other nonessential services close for about 6 months. There are a few places open in the winter, but they are normal small town things….school, fire department, police department, post office, medical center, library, bank, hardware store, grocery store, two restaurants and city offices. There are a couple lodging options open. Many properties and businesses use the winter months for construction, remodeling, updates and maintenance.

Quite a bit of work takes place behind the scenes at Great Turtle Toys too. The music gets turned up a lot louder. We fly kites, regardless of the temperature or if anyone else is around to appreciate it. The store gets a fresh coat of paint. We build new displays, and take apart others. We move things around, hang more kites, clean everything and play with the demos. But the most important thing we do is look for new toys to bring to our store. We go on buying trips to Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York City.

This season we will have many fun new products and some old ones that got updated. AstroJax will be back. We revamped our game section with many group games and family favorites. Mermaid Tails and other fun water toys are on their way. I am super excited to announce that we will be bringing LEGO back to the island this spring. Stay tuned….