This is a test page

No one can see this page but you. If you'd like to play around with it, you will find that editing a Squarespace site page is pretty easy and not so different from creating or editing a blog post.

Campbell Christmas.jpg

Add Content Blocks

All of the content on the page - text, images, buttons, and so on - is added in blocks, just like they were in the blog posts.

Try adding a link to the button below so clicking it takes you to the News Page where you can read the Style Guide.

Add Images

You cab add an image content block, even if you don't have a picture yet. Then, you can go back and add the photo when you have it.

Add a photo that's on your hard drive to the image block above.

add images from the web

Sometimes the images you want are not saved to your computer. You CAN save them to your computer then add them to the image block. OR - open a new WINDOW so this page and the page with the photo appear side by side. Drag the photo into the image block and voila!