little island + little toy store = BIG FUN

Great Turtle Toys has a unique selection of kites, toys, and games. customers love playing with the toys we have open in the store. Come play with us!
we're all fun & games! Here at Great Turtle Toys, we encourage our customers to PLay with us. Many of the toys and games are open and available for you to try out while you're here.

Great Turtle Toys believes that kids of all ages should always be laughing, learning, and moving. We have a unique selection of toys to

stretch the imagination
encourage curiosity
and expand the mind!

Toys and games throughout the store are open for you to try. Everyone who works here at Great Turtle Toys is ready to teach you a new yo-yo trick, explain how to play the latest game, or help you find the perfect gift. Learn a new skill, practice hand-eye coordination, spend some time being a kid again.

It's more than a store - it's a destination for fun & games!

Great Turtle toys has one of the largest selections of kites and accessories in the midwest. Shop for kites at our Mackinac Island store, or choose from a limited selection in our online store.

Go fly a kite!

Here at Great Turtle Toys, we have a huge selection of toys and games to get you up and moving, including one of the largest selections of kites and kite accessories in the Midwest! We have single line and double line kites, and of course all the tails and accessories to make your own kite show.

Want to see some of our kites in action? Join us at Windermere Point for the daily kite show! Weather permitting, we fly kites every day from May - October. We'd love to help you with your kite - whether you're just trying to get up in the air or you want to learn how to fly a stunt kite! Flyers of all ages and skill levels are invited to join us each day.

Come play with us!



@ Windermere Point between the Library and Iroquois Hotel
Join the Great Turtle Toys staff at Windermere Point for a kite show,weather permitting. You can watch the kites or join in the fun yourself. Whether you're a novice just trying to get your kite off the ground for the first time or an expert flyer ready to show off and learn a few new tricks - come play with us!

Great Turtle Toys on MichigaN's Mackinac Island - We're all fun & games with a huge selection of toys to get you up and moving! Visit us in our shop on Main StREET, under the lilac tree hote;.


in The

❤ Of Mackinac Island

Come play with us in our one-of-a-kind shop in the Courtyard under the Lilac Tree Hotel, right on Mackinac's bustling Main Street.


always accepting applications

full time and part time positions
summer only and full season (May - October)

We are accepting applications for employment. We are looking for people who are bright, playful, outgoing and hardworking. We offer competitive pay, housing, extensive sales training, bonus programs, and a fun work environment.